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05 Aug 2023

RKG Gulfood exhibition 2022

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Other events & activities

Bardhaman Rose & RKG participating Ediya event, sponsoring Biriyani contest 

Bardhaman Rose participating MMME Biriyani contest

Cocon in shop sampling and customer survey 

Cocon Yogo Ice consumer promotion at Nesto – Oman

Keerthi Nirmal Participating Come on Kerala Exhibition 2023 at Sharjah

KPN Herbal tooth paste consumer promotions at Oman

KPN Herbal tooth paste consumer promotions at UAE

RKG at Anuga Exhibition on 2019, to introduce Organic ghee to European customer portfolio

RKG Branding at Air Arabia on 2019, targeting multinational customers

RKG Dubai Metro branding during Gulfood period w

RKG Gingelly oil Instore Consumer promotion

RKG Gulfood exhibition 2022

RKG Gulfood exhibition 2023

RKG Organic Ghee at Ripe market exhibition

RKG Organic Ghee launch at Jaleel Cash and Carry