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Improve business performance by Brand positioning.

Jaleel Stratex delivers enhanced Market Management services. Our market managers will provide deep-dive analysis of your supply chain and recommend actionable improvements.

We deliver sustainable benefits from initial sourcing through the entire lifespan of the project, including troubleshooting and supply risk mitigation. Whether you choose to include Category Management as a standalone service or part of our other services, we guarantee to provide you with data-driven market strategies. Our team will define a method to ensure that all data is collected, categorized, and accessible. We'll also create a comprehensive action plan to track your KPIs with each supplier and category.

Effective Market Management

Jaleel Startex is a leading market management expert that can enable enterprises to focus on their core business while providing critical cost savings and risk mitigation. We enable our clients to improve their supplier performance by partnering with them in a win-win relationship for the future.

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