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Distribution Fulfilment - Scalable Growth

Stratex offers faster solutions for aligning with the right distributors across GCC. They deliver relevant end-to-end supply chain management inputs that are aligned with clients. Further, their services include brand building, product activation and channel management.

By “connecting the dots,” they build the capacity for physical movement and distribution in line with the master coverage plan for brands. Stratex builds the right assortment of products by developing a Route To Market model to ensure that the brand reaches the right customer base. Stratex helps create activities that ensure the availability of products in the market at optimal levels, including monitoring stocks at all locations and replenishing at regular intervals. This will help brands build an important part of the business cycle for distributors and retailers .

Reducing costs and improving profitability are just some of the benefits that come from a distribution management strategy. Brand Longevity is at the heart of Stratex’s goal.

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