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Stratex offers market research services necessary for deep understanding of retail businesses with insights from consumers and technology that delivers value for clients. They help companies elevate their brand with effective trade marketing strategies by pairing with appropriate distribution partners, which results in increased brand recognition and sales growth.They implement trade marketing strategies effectively and ensures significant increase in Return on investment. With a dedicated team, they deliver valuable key insights of Customer data including Shopper Insights & Market Share Analysis.

Stratex develops actionable strategies that deliver measurable results. They are experts at designing and delivering tailor-made solutions for clients. They optimize spending for advertising and promotion by targeting the relevant market segments and categorizing the expenditure on them. At Stratex, they work with the brand to deliver a truly outstanding destination that has a wow factor, offering seamless experience from beginning to end. They work with clients to create unique concepts that add value to businesses and are dedicated to the discovery of opportunities, ideation, and design, thereby, creating unique experiences to make your products both memorable and emotionally engaging.

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Central to their philosophy is the power of ideas: A brand must be developed around market research and the correct launch for the appropriate audience.

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